James Stuckey Encourages Retirees to Give Back

James StuckeyJames Stuckey, whose longtime career in real estate development included serving under Edward Koch, former mayor of New York City, to construct buildings in Times Square, knows the value of helping others. An extremely successful businessman who committed 100 percent of himself to all his projects, James Stuckey attributes much of his success to those who helped him along the way. In the same manner, James Stuckey is committed to giving back to the community that supported his success and the people so desperately in need of a hand-up.

For a lifelong businessman like James Stuckey, retirement does not equate to sedentary days spent in front of the television. Like the thousands of healthy, active baby boomers his age, James Stuckey will continue to “work,” but without pay. As James Stuckey sees it, giving back at this time in his life is important, because he has the skills, time and passion to help those in need. James Stuckey encourages retirees to use their time and talents in any way that is comfortable and rewarding.

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James Stuckey Offers Tips for Relocating in Retirement

James StuckeyJames Stuckey has been fortunate to have a long and successful career in real estate development in New York City. Now in retirement, James Stuckey and his wife made the decision to relocate, just like thousands of new retirees. James Stuckey offers the following tips for relocating in retirement.

Q: What are some of the main considerations retirees face when relocating?

James Stuckey: While moving poses similar issues for people at any stage of life, retirees are faced with additional factors. Retirees must determine if the new location has the appropriate medical care needed now and in the future. Metabolic syndrome, which consists of rheumatoid arthritis, a heart condition and pre-diabetes, made access to good health care a No. 1 priority for my wife and me.

In addition to adequate health care, those considering relocation should ensure they have access to a trusted financial advisor. While some people may be able to access their financial advisor from afar, others may want the peace of mind that face-to-face meetings allow.

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James Stuckey Talks About the Art of Coin Collecting

James StuckeyAs avid coin collector James Stuckey will attest, every coin tells a story. One of his favorite hobbies is in coin collecting, and the immense satisfaction he feels after a successful search makes the hunting and gathering worth it.

James Stuckey first learned the art of collecting coins from his grandfather. When his grandfather died in 1984, James Stuckey inherited his collection and incorporated his own coins into the mix. Of all the old and rare coins he’s discovered throughout the years, the favorite coin of James Stuckey is the Morgan Silver Dollar with a mint from Carson City. These coins were produced in  in Carson City during the 19th century.

Interested in the minting process, James Stuckey investigates the purpose of coins in history and how particular coins are made. His collection features coins dating back to the late 1800s, and even a few rare coins from the 7th and 8th centuries. The coin dies used to stamp the precious metal are often in high demand from collectors, almost as much as the coins themselves. Modern dies fashioned from hardened steel can produce tens of thousands of coins before being retired.

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James Stuckey Finds Adventure in Tucson

James StuckeyA favorite vacation spot for James Stuckey is Tucson, Ariz., a desert oasis in the Santa Cruz Valley that features a host of tourist attractions.

James Stuckey is a particular fan of the city’s outdoor recreation, the brilliant architecture in Tucson, as well as historical landmarks and religious shrines. Tucson is a pedestrian-friendly city, full of wonderfully maintained streets lined with beautiful adobe homes.

James Stuckey praises Tucson as a golf haven due to its warm climate and picturesque scenes. Golfers can tee it up on any number of challenging courses designed for golfers of all levels. A number of courses were created by PGA Tour professionals and are perfectly located in desert resorts where guests can also enjoy world-class spas, championship tennis courts and swimming pools. After a few hours of touring Tucson, James Stuckey appreciates the opportunity to take in the mountain views by driving along the Catalina Highway, which ends near the summit of Mount Lemmon.

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