Did the Professor Read My Post by James Stuckey

Obama was quoted as stating some people critisized him for sounding like an insurance salesman last week. I wonder if he read my blog post six days ago?

Amazingly, he sounded like one of the late night informercials that repeat the 1 (800) number about 30 times a minute. Unlike those numbers, the healthcare number gave a repeated busy signal.  So the web crashes, the phone is always busy, and no one has a clue what will happen with the new law. I would bet the professor would never get a job as a salesman, but he somehow sold the majority of Americans he could be a leader. I guess some people just want to believe.

© James Stuckey

Let’s Talk About the Economy, Again

Well, President Obama is talking about the economy, again.  In a speech he gave today, he said, “Washington has taken it’s eye off the ball.”  Who is Washington?  Is this man insane? Does he not know that he has been the leader of the free world for the last four and a half years, living in, duh, “Washington?”  Can we undo the last election and make believe we have a President that is a leader?  I’m being told that my healthcare may go up 200% because of Obamacare, and he thinks Washington, of which I guess he thinks he’s not part of, has taken it’s eye off the ball. I’m beginning to wonder if retiring to Florida is far enough south.

© 2013 James Stuckey