Did the Professor Read My Post by James Stuckey

Obama was quoted as stating some people critisized him for sounding like an insurance salesman last week. I wonder if he read my blog post six days ago?

Amazingly, he sounded like one of the late night informercials that repeat the 1 (800) number about 30 times a minute. Unlike those numbers, the healthcare number gave a repeated busy signal.  So the web crashes, the phone is always busy, and no one has a clue what will happen with the new law. I would bet the professor would never get a job as a salesman, but he somehow sold the majority of Americans he could be a leader. I guess some people just want to believe.

© James Stuckey

Quick Thought On the Universe by James Stuckey

I’ve been watching Morgan Freeman talking about the Universe.  As you know, we all learned in grammar school that nothing is larger than the Universe.  It contains all of the galaxies, which in turn contain solar systems, which in turn contains planets, etc.  Big bang theorists believe that the Universe is expanding constantly.  They refer to it as “Inflation”.  But, if the universe is the largest of all things, what is it expanding into?  If it expands into nothing, than nothing must have some property that permits the expansion.  Therefore, nothing is something, not nothing. Now some theorists believe there my be multi-verses, which expand and contract on themselves.  But, doesn’t that assume that what we thought of as the all encompassing universe is just another cog in the ever expanding nature of all things?  To me the answer is simple – God.  Its always fascinating and wise to try to better understand God.

© James Stuckey

Obamacare Continued by James Stuckey

The Professor just spoke in the Rose Garden. Despite the fact that Obamacare’s roll out has been a dismal failure, he tried to put a happy face on it. Took his usual political shots, then talked about the “thousands” who registered. That sounds like a long way from the 15% of Americans (roughly 45 million) that don’t have insurance. Many of Obama’s supporters, including Pelosi, have been highly critical of the roll out. I can’t believe our President has taken on the job of insurance salesman.

Now, I like millions of others, have tried to get on the Obamacare website. After countless tries, I finally got on. I became extremely anxious about putting my personal information on a government website, especially when they make it clear they may share the information with other city and state government agencies. Hello Snowden and NSA.

So, I will wait. And I will ponder why, when we have problems related to the budget, unemployment, weapons of mass destruction with Syria, Korea, and Iran, and debt in excess of $17 trillion, our President has taken to selling insurance?

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