Iraq, ISIS and WMD’s

Clearly worth reading The NY Times article today about weapons of mass destruction (WMD’s) found in Iraq. The Times article twists and turns, first acknowledging that over 5,000 mustard gas warheads were found (even though the Bush Administration was mocked for years that they didn’t exist), but then saying they weren’t being actively manufactured. Duh. They can still be used, and were by Saddem Hussein. And although they weren’t exactly what Bush said, they are now being converted to smaller weapons and employed by ISIS.

Will Obama do anything about these weapons in the hands of ISIS?

Now the rub. It appears these chemical weapons were made by the USA and Europe during the late 1980s – 1990’s when Iraq was at war with Iran.

So here we go. We supply Iraq with WMD’s to fight Iran who we hate. War ends. Hussein attacks Kuwait and we drive the Iraqis back. September 11 occurs. We go after al Qaeda and attack Iraq in the process, knowing that, at a minimum, the weapons we have given them are there (although we can’t tell anyone that).

Conveniently, this truth comes out now, either because the military is really worried that Obama is asleep at the switch, or because Obama is trying to build a case for troops on the ground.

Do we want ISIS to have these weapons? Does anybody believe these WMD’s will stay in the mid- east? I am deeply ambivalent about whether we “take out” this problem once and for all, or just let these ancient rivalries fight it out. Either way there will be serious consequences and loss of life. Either way Americans will suffer, and there will be serious secondary and unintended consequences.

An Act of War by James Stuckey

Obama will now begin dropping bombs in Iraq and Syria. This is an act of war. He needs to go to Congress, and both he and Congress must explain their actions openly to us all.

Obama is pretending that air strikes alone are not an “act of war.” He is parsing words so that he can pretend he is different then George Bush.

When terrorists flew planes into the WTC and Pentagon (no troops on the ground), was it not an act of war? Did Bush not go to Congress?

When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor (no troops on the ground), was that not an act of war? Did FDR not go to Congress?

The mid-east is extremely complicated, and I firmly believe we must protect our citizens and stop the genicide. But, I really want us to have a clear and sustainable strategy, and follow the law.

Obama’s Likability by James Stuckey

I cannot blindly stick my head in the sand. We are no longer respected around the world. The economy is terrible. The rich have made more money under Obama than any other President, and there are more people on public assistance than ever before. Blaming Bush is five years old. Besides, leaders lead, they don’t blame. Obamacare is falling apart. IRS, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the Veterans scandal – are they Bush’ fault, too? The list goes on and on.

In my sixty years, I cannot think of a President who failed more. And apparently, 70% of the American people believe the country is going in the wrong direction, according to a NBC poll released today (NBC, parent of MSNBC, is hardly a Tea Party or conservative news outlet).

We are on the cusp of becoming a second rate and failed country. I can only hope that the midterm elections will send a strong mandate that we need a serious change in direction.

Israel by James Stuckey

The attacks on Israel are atrocious.  I completely sympothize with the Palestinian plight.  They are a desperate, poverty stricken people, and I do believe they see no downside in attacking Israel.  I have tremendous empathy for anyone of any nation or faith whose child or parent is killed in this conflict.  It is horrendous.  However, I believe this poverty and desperation is being completely manipulated by terrorists – Hamas.  Only madmen would place weapons in schools and hospitals.

I understand why Israel must defend her people.  No civilized nation can ignore missiles being rained on its communities.  I am deeply troubled by the impotence and stupidity of the Obama administration in handling this crisis, and believe that it in part bares responsibility.  More on this to come.

Random Thought by James Stuckey

I just heard that the Obama administration wants to add a $7.50 fee, each way, on round trip flights to raise $26 billion in revenue. Over the weekend, it was reported that the IRS sent $4 billion in phony refunds to mystery people in China and Latvia. I also read that 107 million Americans are now on welfare or other government programs, while only 104 million have full time jobs. In other words, government subsidies is our largest employer. Second, to being paid not to work, is being employed by the government. Having a real private sector job is now a distant third. With all this waste, and with so many living off the public till, why should those of us that have (or had) real tax paying jobs pay more?  Am I the only one who sees that we are on the way to financial collapse?

© James Stuckey

Did the Professor Read My Post by James Stuckey

Obama was quoted as stating some people critisized him for sounding like an insurance salesman last week. I wonder if he read my blog post six days ago?

Amazingly, he sounded like one of the late night informercials that repeat the 1 (800) number about 30 times a minute. Unlike those numbers, the healthcare number gave a repeated busy signal.  So the web crashes, the phone is always busy, and no one has a clue what will happen with the new law. I would bet the professor would never get a job as a salesman, but he somehow sold the majority of Americans he could be a leader. I guess some people just want to believe.

© James Stuckey