Obamacare Continued by James Stuckey

The Professor just spoke in the Rose Garden. Despite the fact that Obamacare’s roll out has been a dismal failure, he tried to put a happy face on it. Took his usual political shots, then talked about the “thousands” who registered. That sounds like a long way from the 15% of Americans (roughly 45 million) that don’t have insurance. Many of Obama’s supporters, including Pelosi, have been highly critical of the roll out. I can’t believe our President has taken on the job of insurance salesman.

Now, I like millions of others, have tried to get on the Obamacare website. After countless tries, I finally got on. I became extremely anxious about putting my personal information on a government website, especially when they make it clear they may share the information with other city and state government agencies. Hello Snowden and NSA.

So, I will wait. And I will ponder why, when we have problems related to the budget, unemployment, weapons of mass destruction with Syria, Korea, and Iran, and debt in excess of $17 trillion, our President has taken to selling insurance?

Copyright James Stuckey

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