Chilean Fishing Boats Limited Edition Photographs on Canvas (Giclee)

I have introduced a new series of Giclees entitled “Chilean Fishing Boats.”  The series contains five photos on canvas, each in a limited edition of fifteen, and each individually signed.  These photos were taken on the Pacific Ocean in central Chile, about a year after the area was devastated by a Tsunami.  Most of the villagers in the area fortunately survived the catastrophe, and were able to pick up the pieces and resume their livelihoods. More photos will be on view shortly on the James Philip Paul Photography, LLC™ website (

All photographs copyright 2013 James Stuckey.  All rights reserved.

Fishing Boats in Pelluhue 40" x 30" $750.00

Fishing Boats in Pelluhue
40″ x 30″

2125 Martin 40" x 30" $750.00

2125 Martin
40″ x 30″

Luis Ricardoi 30" x 20" $450

Luis Ricardo I
30″ x 20″

Preparing the Nets 30" x 20" $450.00

Preparing the Nets
30″ x 20″

Loanco Fishing Boats 30" x 20" $450.00

Loanco Fishing Boats
30″ x 20″

© 2013 James Stuckey

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