James Stuckey Encourages Retirees to Give Back

James StuckeyJames Stuckey, whose longtime career in real estate development included serving under Edward Koch, former mayor of New York City, to construct buildings in Times Square, knows the value of helping others. An extremely successful businessman who committed 100 percent of himself to all his projects, James Stuckey attributes much of his success to those who helped him along the way. In the same manner, James Stuckey is committed to giving back to the community that supported his success and the people so desperately in need of a hand-up.

For a lifelong businessman like James Stuckey, retirement does not equate to sedentary days spent in front of the television. Like the thousands of healthy, active baby boomers his age, James Stuckey will continue to “work,” but without pay. As James Stuckey sees it, giving back at this time in his life is important, because he has the skills, time and passion to help those in need. James Stuckey encourages retirees to use their time and talents in any way that is comfortable and rewarding.

While James Stuckey has abundant time to volunteer now, that didn’t stop him from giving back throughout his career. For several years, James Stuckey served as board chair for the New York Center Against Domestic Violence. To James Stuckey, this organization is vitally important because it helps some of the most vulnerable people in society: women and children who are victims of abuse. At the helm, James Stuckey guided the Center as it served women and children through shelters, educational workshops, support groups, and advocacy efforts.

Additionally, James Stuckey served on the board of the Center for Family Life in Sunset Park, an organization dedicated to uplifting the low-income, immigrant children and families living in the Sunset Park neighborhood in Brooklyn, N.Y. To James Stuckey, this organization really helped strengthen the community he knows and loves.

Moving forward, James Stuckey says his volunteer interests have changed slightly with age and experience. After undergoing several daunting heart procedures resulting in seven stents, James Stuckey views himself as a bit of an expert in dealing with these types of medical procedures and is exploring opportunities to support heart patients and their families. James Stuckey has a master’s degree in theology and is looking at opportunities to volunteer with the church, especially helping people who need financial and spiritual assistance. Recently, he became a second degree member of the Knights of Columbus.

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